"I have been competing in Working Trials for over fifteen years, two of my dogs are Working Trials Champions gaining eleven Kennel Club Challenge Certificates as well

as over fifty Tracking Dog and Patrol Dog Excellent qualifications. I have won the Kennel Club Championship and been placed several times.

No matter how good the dog or how good a trainer you are, to compete at this level the canine athlete need to be in top physical condition. I have known Emma for many years where her skill and experience have, without doubt, kept my dogs in full fitness. Without Emma's ability and her honest and practical advice the success my dogs have had would not have been possible."

- Andy Baker Training

"When I picked up Henry (dog) and he howled in agony I knew there was something seriously wrong and that the first thing to do was call Emma. Henry had seen Emma following an earlier trauma and having seen what she did for him on that occasion I knew that her very particular skills as a veterinary osteopath were urgently needed

now. It was Easter Saturday but Emma came to see Henry and treated him over the weekend. Without her skills I may have lost Henry and since that time Emma has continued to treat Henry along with another dog William who although he has not had a major trauma has a problematic back. Henry and William enjoy an active lifestyle with lovely long walks thanks to Emma. As for me, a dance teacher with a bad back, there have been several occasions when Emma has got me back on my feet in order

to deliver an important workshop. She really does have magic hands."

- Nicola, Kent



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